How to support the Project?

By buying a solidary t-shirt through our website, you will be participating in the creation of the shelter “Safe in Nairobi”. In fact, if you want to give a shout-out to our initiative, upload a photo to your favourite social network using the hashtag #yesweareequal and tag @saveagirlsaveageneration and @estergueroa.

What part of your participation is destined to the Project?

The total cost of the t-shirt is of 16,95€ + shipment costs. All of the net benefit will be destined to the project “Safe in Nairobi”.

  • Donation to the "Safe in Nairobi": 8€

  • 100% ecologic t-shirt + serigraphy + packaging: 7.4€ + IVA(8.95€)

"Save a Girl Save a Generation"

The foundation, leaded by women who lost the right to talk, fights to protect girls and women that are at risk, to give visibility to practices such as female genitalia mutilation (FGM), child exploitation, forced matrimony on girls and whatever form of abuse and discrimination.

More information here.

"Safe in Nairobi"

The Kenian government has forbidden female genitalia mutilation and forced matrimony. However, even if the law forbids these practices, they still continue to occur. The foundation has decided to respond to this situation by creating “Safe in Nairobi”, a shelter centre for rescued FGM girls, sexual exploitation, forced matrimony and any other form of oppression or gender violence.

More information here.